For this underground, no-frills music and dance club on U Street, our focus is to promote U Hall’s jam-packed schedule of shows of various genres while maintaining a consistent brand voice and personality. By leveraging the power of social media, especially Instagram Stories, we give fans an exclusive “behind-the-scenes” look at the club’s rarely-seen features as well as sold-out events.

56 minutes ago

@Haywyremusic is here to party for our 9-Year Anniversary Week πŸ”₯

Make sure to get your tickets now!

support from JNTHN STEIN and K + Lab

πŸ“… March 22
🎟 https://t.co/RDpbifIZnV https://t.co/bSMeOcu6rH
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1 day ago
πŸ“… May 23

Belgian DJ @AmelieLens returns to the District this spring for an official @MovementDetroit pre-party!

Support from @LenskeRecords labelmate Farrago.

🎟️ https://t.co/Sos3gXwErC
RSVP https://t.co/Ukii3NqfCc https://t.co/Hyvm3fdqd4
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1 day ago
πŸ“… May 17

D.C.'s All-90s cover band, @whitefordbronco are coming to U Hall!
Tickets are on sale now.

🎟️ https://t.co/x6VSk4bEKj
RSVP https://t.co/ov47WOc15x https://t.co/iFa0TIISuF
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1 day ago
Beyond excited to bring @LFrequencies to the @930Club this fall for a new live set! Ticket go on sale Friday, March 22.

πŸ“… October 25
🎟️ https://t.co/PG9ZxzGaMe
RSVP https://t.co/VwV2oCFoMQ https://t.co/gqDusbPZvp
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1 day ago
😍😍😍 @Mansionair and @beaconband were amazing last night! https://t.co/RysFFYHrbs
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cina nguyen @_ilikeyourface
. @Mansionair tonight at @uhalldc πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ seriously one of my favorite bands to see live// Shot for @thephotoladies https://t.co/POUjbPt0Nq
2 days ago
We are thrilled to host the US debut of Brazilian DJ and producer Victor Ruiz next month πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

πŸ“… April 4
🎟 https://t.co/HjLlJ1BRIy https://t.co/FNh3MInZ62
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2 days ago
WERK ETHIC is back! Join residents @kenlazee & @nickmakestunes at DC’s first all 80s & 90s house & techno night as they take you on a journey through the early years of electronic dance music.

πŸ“… March 30
🎟 https://t.co/3N3SyNBbn6 https://t.co/RqXGlKRaAd
2 days ago
We've partnered with I.M.P. to bring @RufusDuSol to @TheAnthemDC! The Australian three-piece is one of the world's preeminent live electronic acts and we can't wait to have them back in DC.

πŸ“… August 8
🎟️ https://t.co/WB7vmMWxWc https://t.co/3a1gWDbdog